Upgrade your OS

Upgrade your OS X to the latest version or the latest version your hardware can handle.

Hard Drive Replacement / Clone 

Replace your failing hard drive with a new hard drive and clone all of your data.

Hard Drive Upgrade to SSD

Upgrade your traditional spinning HDD in your iMac or Macbook to new SSD technology. SSD is faster, lighter, quieter, and cooler.

Memory Upgrade

Upgrade from the stock amount of memory in your iMac or Macbook to gain faster operations for programs and operating system. Increase your multi-tasking efficiency.

Trackpad Repair

Repair or replace that trackpad if it is glitchy or not as responsive.

3.5MM Audio Jack Repair

Fix or replace your audio jack to hear sound again!

Small issues

Feel assured that Tiredgeek can handle any small issues that you may be facing with your device.